Bob Root and Wendy Steele are Chill Travelers. Both were high flying corporate jetter types seeing the world from an airplane window or the windshield of a rental car.

When they met, both had one desire. Operate at See Level!

Today, Wendy and Bob travel North America is a motor coach equiped with lots of technology, cameras and video gear for their business.

Bob's passion for photography goes back to a gift of a double stroke Leica M3 from his uncle when he was about 12 years old. Working at Polaroid, he was exposed to some of the greatest photographers of the era and also attended many world famous black & white schools. His passion for the darkroom dropped in lieu of his business travel.

When Bob joined the technology industry in California, it was the beginning of digital imaging. He learned that consumer technology always follows high end film and professional photography. So, about 20 years ago he saw that digital photography and video would outstrip conventional photography. He began to explore the world of digital photography with a SONY Mavica.

Wendy has always been either behind or in front of the camera from an early age. Her dad, when she showed interest in photography gave her an old Brownie box camera. By the time she and Bob met, she was carrying an Olympus OM-1 shooting travel and people.

Bob & Wendy's friend Tina introduced them to an then obscure photo technique called HDR or High Dynamic Range photography. This gallery is mostly images created using HDR made with their custom filters. This technique is created by taking 9 images of each scene that are each at a different exposure. They are merged in the computer and then "tonemapped" to create a surreal almost painting like quality.

The technique lends itself to very difficult lighting situations. None of the images in the gallery have auxiliary lighting. It is all available light.

These images and those shot in the future will be a part of a high resolution eBook that will be published when iPads, readers and computer screens exceed 6000i (current resolution is 1080i). The title of the book is "Twilight Zones" paying homage to the available light shooting of HDR and Bob's upbringing in the B&W Zone System. The book is about interesting places and things that most people have not or will not ever see.
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